Welcome to the portfolio site of UK based candid street and documentary photographer, mrrichardmills. Thanks for looking!


These are my selected works, and I rotate the content regularly. I have been shooting this sort of photography for more than 10 years now and am currently working on a variety of long term projects with the aim of publishing the work into a series of books. I also take on selected commercial work. 


Selected projects… 

  1. NYC – street photography from possibly the greatest city in the world for street photography (2017 – ongoing)
  2. Wild East – a trip along Turkey's eastern frontier lands (2015-16)
  3. Victory Parade – documenting Liverpool FC's 2022 victory parade around the city, forms part of a broader look at football in the city (2022 – ongoing)
  4. Legacy of a King – an ongoing project focusing on the legacy of Elvis Presley (2019-ongoing)
  5. Southport Scenes – street photography from my home town of Southport (UK) (2022 – ongoing)
  6. Lunch on Piccadilly – street photography from a famous street (over lunch) in possibly the 2nd greatest city in the world for street photography – London (2018 – ongoing)

Feel free to contact me with any questions using the form below… 

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